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The 7th addition to our Development Diary for State of Grey, It's getting close to the weekend, and the launch of the First Round Testing, have you sealed your spot yet?

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Welcome everyone, I'm kind of short on time here so I'll cut right to the chase!

  • State Of Grey
    • We have completely switched it up to be a safeguard for Players "Tendency" Parameter
    • May or May not be available feature within Testing Round 1
    • Tweaked several Factors
    • Added 2 New Mind Puzzles May or May not be ready for Testing Round 1
  • Animations
    • Several New animations have been added to the game
    • Tendency Suicidal Animation still not developed
    • This will NOT be a feature in the Testing round 1
  • Psychopath and Stability
    • First Introduction to Psychopath or Stability feature added
    • The beginning production of this feature will be included in the Testing round 1
    • Added a Recorder to the Load screen for PsychoPath/Stability
    • Started working on Visual Effects for Each side
  • Parameters
    • Introduced Sanity Checker and Sanity Consiquences
      • The start of Sanity Tolls have been added
      • Note: they are still being tweaked
      • These will be open features for testing round 1
    • Fear not yet Started
    • Depression not yet started
    • Tendency Slightly Started
      • Introduced Tendency Connection to State of Grey
      • Started Animation work
      • Building puzzle and Consiquences
  • Menu Updates/Tweaks/Fixes
    • Tweaked Status Screen
      • No longer Junked up
    • Edited Load screen
      • Added PsychoPath/Stability Meter
      • Added Jounral Notes Counter
    • Added Working Sounds for Volume Control
    • Fixed Ring Menu not moving properly
  • Map Updates
    • Dream -Prologe map Fully Scripted
    • Nightmare Fully Scripted
    • Home and Home 1st floor 50% scripted
      • Still working on Map design
      • Needs several Script tweaks
    • Castle City(Dream City) 20% Scripted
      • Some interactions added, storyline progression added
    • Church Exterior 85% Scripted
      • Just needs some interaction fixes
    • Church Interior 35% Scripted
      • Needs Interactions
      • Needs npc interactions
      • Needs more map editing
      • Working on larger span for church
    • Next Map Scripting at 10%
      • Still in heavy development
      • Still under design ideas
      • No scripting or interactions yet added
    • Mind Puzzle 1 (Velmador) 25% scripted
      • Hideing details
    • Mind Puzzle 2 (Sanity Garden) 0% scripted
      • Design nearly finished
      • No interactions or scripting added
  • Tutorial Updates
    • Tutorial May or May not be avablible in Testing round 1
    • Light style selection will not be open in testing round 1
    • Still adding mechanics for gameplay to tutorial
    • Still updateing Instructions (Things keep changing!)
  • Bug Fixes
    • NPC changing on character interaction fixed
    • Location on load screen fixed
    • Flashlight remaining on in story progression fixed
    • Eric being stuck after story progression fixed
    • Monster moonwalk fixed
    • Sound effects fixed
    • Music tweaked
    • New Ambiance added
    • Several Un-walkable Tiles fixed through out game

And last but certainly not least. MEDIA!

That's all for now Folks!

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