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I am currently in the final phase of completing version 2.1. Read below for some of the key changes from the previous version.

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Troop Changes

  • The new troop trees are shown in the latest video I posted in the video section. The final version for version 2.1 may change slightly from what is shown in the video.
  • The changes for version 2.1 for all the factions (excepting Khergiz) permits both of the tier 4 veteran foot soldiers to upgrade to sergeants with the same weapons- for example, the Nord vet. spearman upgrades to Nord Spear Leader while the Nord vet. halberdman upgrades to Nord Halberd Leader.
  • I am right now working on revised and slightly expanded troop trees and one of my ideas was to create a mounted sergeant for the Swadians. In this work-in-progress versions, the swadian veteran billman upgrades to swadian militia sergeant (with a billhook) while the swadian veteran militiaman will upgrade to swadian "horse sergeant."
  • The Nords and Sarranids should have the best throwing weapons troops and both now have a level 25 thrower in addition to a level 25 foot.
  • I am adding a few more troops to the mercenary and adventurer lines.
  • I am satisfied with the differences across factions and the balance of the troops. Each test game I start seems to produce a different result.

Script Changes

  • I have added the foraging skill and entertainment skill to help with food and with party morale respectively.
  • I have changed the disputed castles at game start so that Swadia doesn't start the game with war with all other factions. This will probably help Swadia avoid being the first faction overwhelmed. Now each faction has a couple of wars at start.
  • I have made it so the king will pay 3000 denars instead of 900 for not granting a castle that you have conquered and requested.

Other Changes

  • I fixed most of the helmets that cover beards so that beards don't show through.
  • I added some new armors and improved some of the textures of others that I had made.
  • I improved the siege scene at Ashford so that defenders don't get bottled up as they rush reinforcements to the breach.

Work Remaining

I am working on a few new codes, including one to allow the character to select during character creation his/her culture so that when the player does become king of his own faction, that culture will be the default (instead of the Swadian culture, which is default in Native with Diplomacy). It's not an essential feature, as Diplomacy allows the player to change culture through one of the ministers. I am also working on coding to expand the benefits of building a manor in owned villages. I would like it to permit the recruitment of higher level troops this way, say tier 3 or 4 archers or the recruitment of special troops that would need to be created.

I expect to complete these changes and the testing of those changes in early June, although I may be delayed as I have a number of things in my non-modding life to deal with, including work and family stuff. I may decide to curtail working on the new scripts discussed in "Work Remaining" in order to release sooner rather than later.

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