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News about my progress on the custom story and related issues

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Hello once again! It's been a while but it's time for another dev diary folks!

Unfortunately, I haven't worked much on the cs lately. Mostly because of my birthday which was earlier, some partying ( including drinking my ass off :D ) and other stuff which made me sort of forget about the cs.

HOWEVER! I've made an update to the first dream sequence in the design. I was trying to get the feeling of surrealism and abandomnent in the dream. Changes might still be made in time, but i'm happy with my current result.

As for the cellar, im almost done with the map design. About 80% is complete ( sort of ). I've thought of many different ways to approach the story progress, and i'm also trying to think of more creepy things I can do, like creepy events, areas etc etc. My progress in that field is...not so good...sadly. I currently have a lack of ideas. I'll ask my friend to help me with this, hopefully we will get results ( we usually do :D )

This is the end of this dev diary, if anyone has any questions at all, don't hesitate to send a PM to me or comment here.

Until next time folks!


I can help you bro ;) Im good with ideas.

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FunTimeError Author

Maybe you could assist me a little, but I will first consult with my friend. We can come up with some very nice ideas, but any ideas, tips and such are appreciated...always are and always will be

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