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News on the update of Main Entrance, voice acting and assistance from a friend

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It's time for an update on my progress! I've updated the Main Entrance part of the building (added trees, ground, and other "outside" stuff in front of the mansion) and i've replaced the closet in the hallway with an angel statue. I've also gone through and check every part to see if an extra touch is needed in the design and i'm happy with what i've done.

The first dream sequence is done, all I have to do is a little scripting so you can get out of the dream. After that I will start to work on the cellar part. I really don't know how long this custom story will be. It will hopefully be more than 15 minutes at least :D

One of my friends is helping me a little with how to proceed next, tips on the story, creepy stuff etc. This really helps me with producing a good quality product to release, i've said this before, but I want this one to be better than Silent Hallways.

My friend will maybe borrow a high quality mic to record with, so I will deal with the voice acting when this custom story is almost done. He will also do a little of the voice acting.

That's it for this dev diary! Until next time bros! :D

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