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This is the first Development Diary of Zoo Tycoon 2019. We will talk about the terrain system that was added, and the planned animals, staff, and buildings.

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Zoo Tycoon 2019 - Development Diary - 12.25.17 - Update 0.3.0

Terrain System

I just started to work on the new terrain system for the game. It allows you to raise, flatten, and lower the terrain. The brush is currently in a square shape, but I am hoping to add a circle shaped brush for smoother adjustments. I am also going to add a smooth tool for the terrain, but it will come in later updates (most likely 0.5.0).

Planned Zoo Staff

Once the player places down the small job complex then it will allow the hiring of workers. There are 10 Zoo Staff planned for the final release of the game, the press manager, entertainers, maintenance worker, bird handler, and educator would be re-searchable. Each staff member can be assigned to a certain area in which their job can be executed. They can be micromanaged so much that you can change the look of their outfits. The small job complex will only allow the player to unlock the first three jobs. The medium job complex will allow the player to access the first six jobs. The large job complex will allow the player to access all of the jobs.

- Researcher (tier 1)

- Bird Handler (tier 6)

- Educator (tier 4)

- Maintenance Worker (tier 3)

- Zookeeper (tier 2)

- Press Manager (tier 5)

- Monkey Entertainer (tier 8)

- Parrot Entertainer (tier 7)

- Elephant Entertainer (tier 10)

- Big Cat Entertainer (tier 9)

Research Tree System

Once the player buys the small research complex, they are able to begin researching buildings, styles, animals, object packs, exhibits, and jobs. All of the items on the research tree would be rated different tiers on the research tree, corresponding to their size, level, and benefits for the zoo. With the small research complex the player will only be able to research three tiers out ten. With the medium research complex the player will only be able to research six tiers out of ten. With the large research complex the player will be able to research all of the tiers.

The Style System

In Zoo Tycoon 2, and in games like Roller Coaster Tycoon World and Planet Coaster there are certain objects that have styles to them. In Zoo Tycoon 2019 there are planned to be style packs that are unlock-able through the research tree. They would work by clicking on the style, and then clicking on the object to change its style. It would also work by clicking on that style section, within the style section there would be objects that fit that style. The styles would include: African, Austrian, Pirate, Inca, Asian, Egyptian, Modern Zoo, and Classic Zoo.

Next Week Development

For the next week I am hoping to work on the Path and Peep system. They will most likely take more than a week because I know nothing about spline based systems. I am also hoping that I can add another post asking for job applications for programmers, artists, and animators. The only problem is that I have no money, so it would only be for fun, experience, and equity.

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