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First update, and a possible release, including: swords, crossbows, skins and new locations.

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Realm of Magyk Development Diary #1

Realm of Magyk is a fantasy mod being developed by Back Of The Bakkie for Star Wars Jedi Academy, it will feature new skins, models, music, and maps.

Realm of Magyk Logo


With out further adue I present to you, The Knight.

Templar Model

The knight, done by CID from filefront is currently our only new skin, we'll be looking for more, but currently we are short a skinner for ROM.

Map WIPs

The map I'm currently working on is a town, I'm going to release it as an addon, that you can mess around on. I may also put a demo release up.

Town WIP

Town WIP

*The top floor of the Tavern*

Town WIP

*Bottom floor of the Tavern*

Town WIP

*Passage to the Tunnels*

Town WIP

*The road up to the Village - With ridable Tauntauns*

Town WIP

*The Tunnels*

Town WIP

*The Plains - Complete with Tauntauns!*

Some More Screenshots Of One Of The Towns - WIP

*Streets of Town*


Menu WIP

*The Main Menu*



Realm of Magyk Wallpaper

*Small Wallpaper I did in my free time*

That's all for today, I'll be releasing the map soon, and also a demo of the mod.


Lead Mapper
Lead Developer
Lead Coder

Enter the world
Live the legend
The Realm is waiting...Realm of Magyk Logo

M.Eales - Project Lead, Mapper and UI Coder
Garyn Dakari - Mapper, Lead Coder
MistaaWong - Ideas, Building and Weapon Concept
Tamlinlove - Mapper

Written by: M.Eales

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