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Development of RPG-X2 continues as it is on it's way to version 2.2. Have a look know at what you can expect by testing the lastest beta release.

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It is a pleasure to announce that development of RPG-X2 continues. In fact work on the newest version 2.2 has been going on for some time now.

First started by Marcin and then continued by me we are on the best way to an even more enhanced Star Trek Roleplaying experiance.

Here are some things that you find in the upcomming version:

  • Dropping weapons
  • Leaving messages by dropping a PADD
  • Borg Class, Borg adaption to weapons and weapon modulation
  • Weapons are more customizeable by CVARS
  • Many new entities - such as: func_lightchange which allows to simulate light changes, target_alert which helps mappers saving entities when setting up 4-condition alet scripts and other things, new FX-entities such as fx_phaser, fx_torpedo, fx_fire, and fx_particle_fire
  • Many enhanced entities - such as: func_usable, func_train, almost all fx_entities and many more
  • Repairing func_breakables with the Hyperspanner
  • Locking/Unlocking doors
  • Enhanced and new admin commands
  • Additional developer commands
  • and many others

If you want to try out the mod visit the website and download it. Feel also free to download the beta, that can be found here. If you run accross and bugs please inform me at

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