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Dev Log: AoDLegacy. I talk about the current status of how Build 1 is coming along, as well as things to do and things I've already managed to accomplish in the game.

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Build 1 is the establishing part of the entire game, and it's very critical I get it right. Currently the Death Curse is fully implemented into the game, and will activate every time you leave the village to go fight the baddies. The only complaint I might have as of right now is properly rewarding the time extension gained by killing enemies, though I believe I may have a way to make it work, I will have to check and see though. The Death Curse has been rather annoying to set up, but it is now working, besides that one complaint, running like clockwork now.

The real issue with creating the first build of SR:MT is likely to be the customization, which will undoubtedly be a slower process implementing. While I fully respect the battler artist as a friend and fellow artist, it is rather slow getting all of the designs out in a timely fashion. Besides that, it will be a bit difficult to get all of the sprites needed for each race's 8 sprite designs. There are four sprites per gender, so adding female and male sprites for humans and elves brings us to a lovely 16 sprites. I'm not planning to add more races until we can get a sprite artist to add more designs into the game, but as it is 16 choices for a RPG Maker game seems plenty for the moment, and may even be a challenge to get that many with the limited number of sprites that could be used to represent an 'elf' in RPG Maker's default graphics.

I would say the easiest part of developing this game is simply the map designing aspect. It hardly takes me any time to develop a standard field map, and to be honest the map's development has been great so far, I'm already pretty close to reaching the majority of field's completions, unless I decide that the fields need ALOT more areas to add game time and more places to explore, which is still a possibility, as compared to the South regions, the Ancient Hills and East Forests seem like they will be WAY too short.
However, what may take longer is the development of the three Main Dungeons, as well as the various smaller dungeons and the plots meant to connect them all. Between carefully sketching out rough floor maps and writing out dialogue and plot lines, the dungeons may definitely require some serious time so I can get them just right. I have already created two base concepts for two of the dungeons, both are ruins, but I have only a vague idea as the nature of the third one, perhaps an underground cult base of some sort you get to clean out...

Anyway, that's about it in terms of what I have gotten down and what still needs some work, I hope I can give you guys some more updates later on.

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