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Showing off a new faction, and talking about some things currently in the works.

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Since my last dev blog my work has been focused on quite a few different things. Firstly, I've been working on a new faction, which I'll be detailing below. I've also been working on adding some new features, but they aren't quite done just yet. But, more on that later. Firstly, the new faction.

The Chivalric Order of the Tower Round

More commonly known as the Order of the Round Tower, this knightly order was established in the early days of the Empire. Based in Westeford, in Corwell, this order of knights once protected the Empire from all manner of threats. These knights would travel the land and help those in need, and the sight of them would inspire hope in men's hearts. During times of war these knights joined with the armies of the Old Empire, and were valued as a powerful force on the battlefield. Many Knights would go on to become commanders of Imperial Armies, and other high positions. The order also kept a watchful eye over the Empire, dealing with corruption and evil. This order of knights was a part of everyday life for both nobles and commoners, and everyone welcomed their presence.

But, as the Empire fell into decline, the Order of the Round Tower was slowly phased out of government affairs. Greed had began to run rampant, and despite efforts from the Order, the Empire began to fall into decline. 7 BEC the Empire declared a crusade against the Sultan of the Great Desert, and the Order of Round Tower was called to fight. But no knights came to the battle, instead, they had gathered in their city of Westeford. The Emperor was furious, and ordered that the Order be dissolved immediately. When the refused to comply, he dispatched an Imperial Legion to take Westeford by force. The Army was cut off by a large group of Knights, who ambushed them as they passed by the nearby forests. Seeing as the Knights had no intention of attacking Imperial land, the Emperor put all his focus on the crusade. 7 years later, the Empire fell.

The Order of the Round tower fields powerful cavalry, but no dedicated infantry and has no ranged troops to speak of. Still, their knights are capable on and off of their horses, indeed they may as well be both infantry and cavalry. In a fight they will give any opponent a serious challenge, and easily outmatch any cavalry fielded by any other army.

At the moment the troop tree for this faction is very small, and I think it's going to stay that way. This is their troop tree:

Squire of the Round Tower -> Knight of the Round Tower

These troops will be a very capable force in combat, both in sieges and in field battles.

Here's some screenshots of the troops used by this faction:

Now, I've also been working on adding some other features. Currently I've been attempting to integrate the cannons from Twilight of the Sun King, as the code was made open for others to use. However, it's not quite working at the moment. If I get a cannon it just takes away money, and no cannons will appear in the army.

I've also decided on a bit of a roadmap as it were for the first release. This is what the first alpha release will contain for certain:

12 Factions, all with unique troops.

Hundreds of new items from guns to surcoats

Expanded character creation

Lots of new mercenaries, with different mercenary troop trees

New map(Will still be somewhat WIP)

Generic new scenes for the cities, towns, and castles.

Now, I've also got other things I'd like to add to this initial release, but I haven't decided on anything for certain just yet.

After the alpha goes out I'll be looking for sceners to help make new scenes for towns and such. And, of course, all the other things that help is kind of needed with.

Anyways, that's all for this little update. Stay tuned for more in the future.

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