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We updated Parallax Occlusion Mapping, started to work on HDR, finished the configuration dialog, improved the model loader.

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So hello and welcome back!

We did a lot last week. I did not post so much as I a was at a martial arts training camp which was really cool.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

It is now fully integrated in the engine. This means all textures where it makes sense have now a height map which allows the activation of the parallax occlusion mapping:

Dev Blog #14 Dev Blog #14
Dev Blog #14 Dev Blog #14
Dev Blog #14

Look how nicely the texture is aligned! This wasn't the case in the last blog!

And we also optimized the algorithm. It is now up to two times faster than the old one. So it is now possible to use the algorithm also on the voxels. Look at the wood of tree and the stone:

Dev Blog #14 Dev Blog #14
Dev Blog #14 Dev Blog #14
Dev Blog #14


And we also started with the development of a HDR rendering pipeline.

Restart Engine

Especially for the Mac version we want to make it possible that the engine can reset itself without restarting the game. This is for example important if you want to change the screen resolution in-game!

Configuration Dialog

The configuration dialog works now completely. We also added the option to change the controls and the screen resolution:

Dev Blog #14 Dev Blog #14
Dev Blog #14

Model Loading

The model loader is now fully working. We had problems when loading animation. This has now been resolved. And we also checked out MakeHuman. Perhaps we will use this software to create better hands and NPCs.

And I myself made a model for the game:

Dev Blog #14

Linux and Mac

And we plan to publish a linux and a mac version with the release of the next unstable version.

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