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Hey there! This is our very first Development Blog entry and we are going to introduce you to Arena of Anndara and the mechanics.

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Arena of Anndara - Development Blog #1

Development Blog #1

Hey there!

This is our very first Development Blog entry and we are going to introduce you to our game and the mechanics.

So far we provided a few images and GIFs to keep you up to date. Now it is time to give you even more information about Arena of Anndara.

Arena of Anndara - Game Header


Arena of Anndara is greatly inspired by the "Dark Souls" and "The Legend of Zelda" series. The love for platformer games comes from the good old Castlevania games. They too gave us inspiration for Arena of Anndara.

Arena of Anndara has secret levels as well as different characters. Additionally, there are different endings for each character.

Arena of Anndara - Story Header


Well, it all began with an unicorn, a princess and rainbows... Oh no, wrong story.

The events started with one brave knight searching for a magician. This magician released the archdemons which are now taking over the land of Anndara. So it is up to you to defeat them and kill the magician to finally bring peace again.

Arena of Anndara - Gameplay Mechanics

Gameplay mechanics

Arena of Anndara is an Action Platformer. You select the level via a map where you will have to unlock the levels to go further. There are secret levels as well which provide additional challenges and secrets.

In Arena of Anndara there is no leveling system. To finish the game it is up to you to gain experience and get better. The enemies will get stronger by processing further in the story which makes the game even more challenging.

You can unlock different characters too and choose your favorite depending on your style. Do you choose close or range combat? The decision it up to you.

The main goal is to provide an unique and a challenging combat system. Additionally, we include different enemies and bosses with their own behavior.

Thank you all for reading and be sure to stay up to date :)

Here is our Twitter account for even more information.

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