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A new version of our game has been uploaded to the unstable branch. Check it out!

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Hey and welcome back!

A new version of our game has been uploaded to the unstable branch. Check it out!

What has been changed:
Version 1.2.3 Release 1053

  • implemented animated grass
  • implemented bump mapping
  • created bump mapping for default main texture
  • added future support for specular mapping
  • added nvidia optimus flag
  • added ati high performance flag
  • corrected paper and camp fire recipe
  • added assert which prevents a camp fire similar bug to occur ever again
  • corrected recipes: no more mass increase when crafting
  • alpha sorting implemented
  • improved speed of particle system
  • implemented internal normal map generator

What is important for the speed of the game is the NVIDIA Optimus flag. When a game starts on a computer with NVIDIA Optimus and does not use this flag it will not use the high end graphics card. It will instead run on the slow one. This of course greatly reduces the speed. With this flag the high end card is selected.

If you have an old nvidia graphics card driver you must nevertheless activate it via the nvidia settings.

Then we also added bump mapping! Yes finally. It was pretty easy as we only need to change the way the normals are retrieved in our deferred renderer. And of course we had to calculate the tangent space for every polygon. Here are some screenshots:

Bump MappingBump MappingBump Mapping

And here is also a video:

The bump mapping is currently only activated for voxel and solid blocks because we currently only created a normal map for this texture. The normal map was created with GIMP. In the future we want to use our own normal map generation algorithm.

Enjoy the new version!

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