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Information on some of what is currently being worked on for the mod, and some plans for the future.

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^ That should say 1/8/16. I don't know why I put 12 there lol. ^

I've decided to try something a bit different, with a more general update rather than a showcase of just one faction or something. I'll be going over quite a lot in this, firstly about what I've been working on recently, and plans for the future. I'll be doing these on a semi-regular basis, and probably not as commonly as I did the faction showcases, but that means I'll be able to show off more in each update.

Recently I've been focused heavily on creating the equipment of the Imperial Remnant mercenaries, who wear equipment that was once used by the Old Empire. I went through quite a few ideas, from very fantasy looking armor to simply mail with a surcoat, but ultimately what I went with was armor inspired by the landsknechts and the Warhammer Fantasy Imperial soldiers. Here's a look at some of the equipment:

I've made use of things from quite a few osps to make this, and I've done quite a lot of reskinning. At the moment each item has four color variants: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. I'll be adding more eventually, but I'll be focusing on other things for now.

These troops are pretty much the best troops you can get a hold of, better than even the Aurelian troops. However, given that they are mercenaries, they are expensive and you will not be easily able to recruit lots of them. Like all the mercenaries will have, there is a troop tree for these troops. Not all the troops are done just yet, but the troop tree is already planned out. This is the planned troop tree for the Imperial Remnant:

/ Gunner -> Veteran Gunner -> Sharpshooter

Recruit -> Light Swordsman -> Swordsman -> Veteran Swordsman -> Auxiliar -> Legionara \ Light

Halebardier -> Halebardier -> Veteran Halebardier -> Heavy Halebardier

I may change around some of the names, but that's the basic outline of the troop tree.

I've also more recently created a new segment for character creation (not the one I've shown already) that allows the player to select what weapons they start with. This way if you want to use a certain kind of weapon, you won't be stuck with some other weapon until you find what you want. Certain things will still require you to find new things, as this only lets you select a basic preset from a list. Here's what the menu looks like right now:

It's not quite done, more options will be available when it's complete. If you have any suggestions for a preset, leave a comment. Keep in mind that each preset gives the most basic weapon of it's class.

Now, as for plans for the future, I have quite a lot. Currently I am planning on adding even more to the character creation, and making changes to the start of the game. I'll also be starting to work on some companions and finishing up the troop trees for the factions so far. In regards to companions, I'm looking to make them more in depth than the native ones, and give some of them little quests to go along with them. I want to make companions more interesting and useful than in native, as most of the time they serve as good ways to gain some right to rule and a good way to leave behind a useful soldier. Companions will probably be a little bit overpowered, at least stat wise. That said, some will only start with pretty crappy equipment, so they can still get taken out without a whole lot of hits.

I also plan on implementing a lot of mini mods, currently I plan to implement diplomacy and freelancer. If you have any suggestions then leave a comment or something.

That's about it for now. I'll be showing off more in the future of course, so stay tuned for future updates.

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So, the troop tree looks messed up since the article was saved, just note that the recruit can go either to the Halebardier line or the swordsman line, and light swordsman splints into the gunner line.

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