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On Wednesday 13, 2010, Alec Nunn (alecn1519) began to work on making this idea a reality. He has been working on it for the past week or so, but has created the Monument Mods developer profile on and also hopes that the admins approve of the game.

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Well, I have begun work on this game. I will most likely post a news update once a week because I have a very busy schedule due to school. I will hopefully have some more concept art done by next week. Hope that you guys will enjoy this game.
I have obtained permission from BTD original dev member to use the name of the mod for the game and asked him to be a member of the dev team for the game.

Abney-Park wrote: [18:44]
alecn1519: Hey. You there?
[18:46] [WJF] Abney Park: yes
[18:46] alecn1519: Ok.
[18:46] alecn1519: I have been trying to brainstorm an idea for the name of the official btd game and all i can think of is "Before the Dawn"
[18:46] [WJF] Abney Park: fail
[18:46] [WJF] Abney Park: lol
[18:47] [WJF] Abney Park: :P
[18:47] alecn1519: would you have any issue if i was to use that?
[18:47] [WJF] Abney Park: i dont care
[18:47] alecn1519: i know its not creative
[18:47] alecn1519: thanks

Well, this brings us one step closer to making the game.

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