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Coming back from vacation and resuming things, let's see what is coming for this month.

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Hello there Arena Warriors, this month is being trippy to me as i have told, i stood 7 days away in a vacation trip and been back but tomorrow will probably go in another one to a vacation club, anyways in the small interval i'm having between them i worked in a bit of stuff for Version 2.9.5, current plans for the release of this one is at least more 5 characters with abilities and a new fella to fight against.

Changes that has been made to V2.9.5 already:

  1. Abilities that possess a timer for counting their active time will now be shown inside the charge meter instead of being grouped in the region where powerup timers appear, this avoids less confusion if a powerup has the same theme color of an ability.

  2. Removal of the score system as is never worked properly in Zandronum due to whatever reason, and also with the all recent decisions i took with the mod's direction i decided to scrap this.

  3. Rebalance of many abilities as some are kinda overshadowed in effectiveness between some others like Ranger's Slipstream Surge in comparison to Visor's Gravity Hammer, so those AoE abilities is now more patterned in damage and radius.

  4. Lightining Gun's Ultimate actually works as intended now, finally this gun will have its effectiveness on the original intention i had for the Ultimate firemode.

  5. Chaingun got a visual improvement, mostly to honor the firepower it does have so this gun is more robust now:

    Screenshot Doom 20180110 070910

  6. Cacodemon also got a visual improvement, the actual eye texture i have been using made the DOOM 2016 version look too cute for what a demon should be, so i changed that and also enforced a bit more the glow on his mouth as it does in DOOM 2016, so in dark places now he will look like this:

Screenshot Doom 20180110 070217

What is about to come in V2.9.5:


This lil bro is what is about to come to share a spawn place with Doom 3 Pinky, so yay another demon to fight against and actually don't worry they will not be a pain the the ass as they will not behave as they do in DOOM 2016, so they will not come Running In The 90s and hit you like a train, they will be more like Invul Hunter is to Baron of Hell as Berserk Hunter is to Hell Knight, a buffed version of the sibling they are sharing the spawn point with, so yeah Doom 3 Pinky have a dangerous bite and probably this one will hurt even more so prepare your Rocket Launchers to keep those away because they will not be killed so easy as Doom 3 Pinky for a pointblank Shotgun, however to not unbalance difficulty probably their spawn ratio will be low.

After finishing with the introduction of the Pinky into the mod i'll proceed in making more characters with abilities:

  • Bones
    Active Ability: Unbury The Dead - Bones will summon 8 skeleton warriors around him which will fight for him for 30 seconds.
  • Uriel
    Active Ability: Mirrored Gargoyle - For 10 seconds, all damage dealt to Uriel is also dealt back to its originator.
  • Keel
    Active Ability: Landmines - At each 2 kills, Keel will recieve a stack of 1 Landmine up to 10 Mines, these mines will only activate if a monster steps over it.
  • Major
    Passive Ability: Recharge Ultimate - Aura of weapon ultimate recharge, Major will 1 charge ultimate point per second allowing her to use use Weapon Ultimates every 20 seconds, allies nearby her can benefit from this recharge.

Well that's all at the moment, Version 2.9.5 is still scheduled to be released in the end of this month or the first week of February if everything proceeds as intended, keep fragging and see ya'll.

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