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Developer's diary num.7: a fantastic trip to Ancient Egypt.

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The work on environments is getting closer to the end.
While I refine and polish here and there have a look on what you're going to see: did you really think I was going to create a standard desert?


I really wanted to have an area where I could take quick stroll in the desert.
Some months ago I started gathering resources to create a small portion of Hammerfell, but then I saw the light: all of a sudden, one day, I managed to put my hand on special assets, nothing ever seen in Skyrim.
At that point everything was clear: there are already 3/4 mods about Hammerfell out there, why add another one? I wanted this mod to be something completely different, unique.
And my wish was granted.
All in all, the desert is basically finished, I only need to adjust some parts of the interior and a small bit of exterior. This world, unlike the garden world and the forest world, will be hostile to you and you'll fight several enemies.
In this post I'm going to only show you part of the interior, something I'm very proud of.
It keeps getting better and better, isn't it?





WOW, keep it up!

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looks amazing

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I like this mod because it's grounded in lore, even if the architecture isn't technically exactly right. But at least it felt like a consideration.

I'm afraid that, between going all in on the Roman style and including ancient Egyptian assets, you may be losing sight of the lore aspect. If that was never a concern for you, then by all means carry on, I'm just pointing it out because I'd hate to see "idea creep" drive this mod too far from its original feel.

I'm really glad this is still being developed, regardless. Seems like every time I remember this mod exists and go to look for an update, you've posted a new dev diary entry mere days before. XD

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LorSakymuni Author

Let me explain.
I perfectly understand the people's concerns about the lore, but I've already found a way to blend everything togheter thanks to something seen in Oblivion. So no worries about that.
The original plan was to make 3 small locations: Valenwood, High Rock and Hammerfell. However, I later realized it was going to take ages and resources (aka meshes and textures) required tons and tons of work. Basically the mod would have never seen the end and I was probably going to abandon it.
While I was struggling to find a less complicated plan I stumbled upon many roman and egyptian resources. At that point I realized I could finally make something special, never seen in Skyrim's modding (there are already several mods set in Hammerfell/High Rock). And I could make it faster.
I always wanted to have a roman garden afterall.
In the end I mod for myself and I would like to see this mod done since I'm busy with work, friends and other stuff.
Thanks for following the development. You won't be disappointed!
I promise I won't add japanese weird stuff.

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