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Developer's diary num.5: update regarding the desert area and the new domus.

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You've surely been wondering: what the heck is he doing? Why he's not posting relevant updates?
Let me explain what awesomeness awaits you and why it's taking this much time.


Converting assets from other resources takes a lot of time. Converting textures and/or optimizing them takes a lot of time. Finding the right place for the right asset takes a lot of time.

But Rome wasn't built in a day. And so the roman garden: after two months of work it's finally finished and I do believe it's the best-looking area I've ever made.

And I've even added a domus, an hall leading the bathhouse. You'll enter the domus through the garden. The interior is 90% complete, I only need to add two small sections. Converting the assets for this was painful, but as you can see was totally worth it.

Sadly the project for the faunus is dead. I was counting on a friend to do it, but it didn't work out in the end. However, I do have a surprise to replace that, you'll see it in the next release (not gonna spoil anything!).

And now, to the desert area. I was very lucky to find a ton (really, a ton) of resources inspired to Ancient Egypt, so I thought to myself: "Why not? There are already 4-5 mods out there placed in Hammerfell, why add another one? Let's make something unique and different".

Aaaand... yes: the desert area will have ruins from Ancient Egypt (both exterior and interior). I'm still working on converting the resources - it's quite boring - but I can already show something, it's coming along nicely.

You're probably thinking: "What about the lore???!!!!! durrr".

Well, I've got an idea thanks to Oblivion. The lore is safe. Everything will be explained in the next release, I'm going to write a book that you'll find in the abandoned temple.

The landscapes are almost finished. What is left to do is to refine two worldspaces (got problems with LODS), create an interior, make two actors and convert some weapons.

Once this is done I'll release it to the public before switching to focusing on quests.

Have faith!

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Maybe someone from community could contribute to creating the faunus?

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LorSakymuni Author

Finding someone with the necessary skills to do so it's very hard nowadays, few people are still modding Skyrim.
I'd be happy to find someone, but at this point I'm not getting my hopes up, several people said "yes, sure" and then nothing came up.

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Keep up the good work! It looks amazing.

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I wonder what enb/reshade you're using? the last screen looks so great...

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LorSakymuni Author

Aeon ENB, customized.

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