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Developer's diary num.4: the roman garden is nearing completion.

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Are you ready for some Aesthetics? (and for some great news as well?)
Prepare your body.


I've been very, very inspired lately. A ton of work between extracting meshes, optimizing textures, finding some references, but I'm really happy and satisfied of what the result was: a proper garden in ancient roman style. I always wanted to have one in Skyrim, but I couldn't until, two months ago, I found a way to get the right assets.
Some of you may remember the concept that it was made back in November. Well, forget about it: this one is 10x better. Better meshes, better textures, better environment.
This wordspace, even tho is quite small, will be unique and I'll see if I can include a unique weather as well. By the way, it already has unique music.
And it will have unique creatures: I'm planning to add a faunus - small-quest giver and vendor - and a boss that you'll have to fight in order to gain access to the bathhouse (witcher 3 bathhouse in roman style, already completed).
Pretty much all of this is done, I just have to finish part of the environment, add the creatures and find a way to make all of this lore-friendly (suggestions accepted!).
I've also decided to remove High Rock from the general plan, I've received enough feedback to understand that it's not worth the time, people don't like it.
Overall I'm not very far from finishing. I'll propably release another version before working on quests and fixing smaller things so you guys can enjoy the new and definitive landscapes.


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