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Developer's diary num.2: the bathhouse and the new garden.

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Some of you may wonder: why it's taking this long?
One answer: Aesthetics. And Windows 10 killing all my programs at every update, one at a time.


So, I was inspired in the last month. I created from scratch a brand new area that it might become the official garden of the temple (meaning all the harvestables might end up here).
Some of you have already seen the screenshots in the last weeks.
I love Ryse: Son of Rome and I love the environments, so I decided to recreate them. One mesh at a time, the garden slowly become reality. The real challenge was to find the right textures and some particular assets.
Placing everything in the right spot was very hard but blender helped a lot. However, as said, the last win 10 update killed my 3ds max 2017, so I was very demotivated and the work slowed down a lot.
I've got to be honest, I'm still very undecided regarding this area, it feels out of place in comparison to the rest. I've basically got two options: either place it in a special world like Mankar Camoran's Paradise (this way it would make some sense with the lore) with its own climate or just delete this area and integrate the big bathhouse into the main temple.
You might ask: why do you create stuff if you're not sure it will fit? Well, I wanted to see if I could recreate an environment I always wanted to have in Skyrim (Ancient Rome). I tried. I mod for fun in the end.
By the way, as you can see I did also a lot of work in porting The Witcher 3's bathhouse in Skyrim. It looks great and I'm personalizing the place to make it unique and less "empty". Still some problems here and there with lights and assets, but it will be solved eventually. This place will be present in the next update, 100% sure about it.
Nothing you see it's final, still working on it. Hope you can enjoy some new screenies.
Suggestions welcome!






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