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Apologies if this update has come a bit belated, I have been busy working over the summer. Hopefully you guys should be pleased with this anyhow. At the moment Dreamexpress has been working on modelling buildings, and we are soon to move onto some mapping. At the moment we are looking for 2d artists and modellers, if anyone is intresting in working for the mod then please PM me. As for mappers, we don't really have an idea yet if we need any.

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The Ford TT Truck
The Ford TT Truck was commonly used around the towns for goods delivery, however due to it's size it was also used to carry people. For a gangster this is the ultimate raid vehicles, it can drop a group of men off quickly and provide good cover at the same time.


The Bicycle
As the streets were starting to fill up with more and more traffic, the idea of cycling around town became more popular. The police force use the bike as a form of patrol vehicle, it allows them to catch runners and also gives a heightened perspective. However if under gun-fire you can become vulnerable.


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