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In this update we discuss the random encounter system and how it works on the world map.

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While the player wanders around the world map (on foot) there is a chance of entering a random encounter. If this happens, the player is taken to a premade field and enemies will randomly spawn throughout. The player can use these encounters to find hidden events/quest items as well as grind to increase their level, skills or wealth.

You can see an example of a random encounter in the video above. You may also notice the player summons forth a dragon fairy that will constantly heal the player as you travel around. In the Merkaan area there are two different maps that can load in an encounter. Each has a day and night variation but this is aesthetic only and doesn't alter which enemies you encounter. To escape the area you just need to retreat to the borders of the map. We are still trying to work out the best way of showing the player where these borders are, especially as we don't want them to accidentally leave the area while they are trying to level up.

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