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If you are looking for more content, such as WIP's and progress images, follow Dreamgear Production's page.

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I've stated this previously, but I think it would be beneficial to mention this in a more formal manner in the way of a news post. What I post here will be completed maps, for the most part. They may not be in their final form, but the shots you see here will be very similar to the final product. If you want to see images of WIP maps, look for them on my developer page, Dreamgear Productions. I see mod pages as somewhat of an advertisement, and not the place to show work that will not interest potential players. Because of this, I'd rather not post in-engine images, WIP, or things of that nature on the mod page itself. However, I will be posting that type of thing over on the developer page.


Why? Because that is a page dedicated to the development of the mods, not the mod itself. Since it is not acting like a advertisement page for anything I feel it is a much better platform for these incomplete images. So if you are a fan of seeing that kind of thing, please go ahead and try that.

Thank you,

Reeze The Vampire

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