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It's been a few weeks of polishing, tweaking, designing stuff, deciding on the story... A summary of what we've been doing.

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It's been a few weeks of polishing, tweaking, designing stuff, deciding on the story. Luckily for the team, everything went super smooth, and has been, since day one. Reception of SCA was *really* good, this is why we kept on pushing and going with the flow.

Story wise, I won't spoil much. The overall the story is simple, but we are aiming for complex characters. Probably all those great games, tv shows and literature follow this rule, with a very few exceptions (Inception?). You can read more about this here

As far as enemies goes, we took our time to have a more interesting aproach. This comes from a systemic design, where things are interconnected to each other.

The AI was tweaked to accomodate a few combat situations, everything happens unscripted, so we super proud of that.

... and this is also why we enabled the rain:

As far as being interconnected, we also completed the ability to switch characters:

This will be incredible useful for scenes, where, for example, he and she goes on a field, to catch butterflies (and then hell breaks loose).

Also, we started setting up world 2. For now, looks ugly, but hey, is a concept:

Again, this uses a method to easily find corresponding images. A bit of coding but is a time saver!

I'm a big fan of automation, like I mentioned in previous posts. I think the perfect harmony between humans and PCs is the creativity of the first and the power of the second. I really love controlled randomness. This is why we are switching up the hand made trees, for... computer made trees, using human art. Yay.

The system is on its infancy, but will be improved later, to have the trees use different art bits (different leaves, base, etc). Of course, they support animation, to dinamically react to wind, explosions, etc. This is only possible by using skeletal animation. Gosh, I love Spine.

Good thing is that let us have a very packed and dense forest, and by the mentioned randomness, player won't even notice patterns. And findind patterns, when it comes to art, isn't a good thing (I'm exclusively talking about the repeated things).

And not much related, but we also improved the speed of the character. Walking speed is normal, but if you walk straight for a couple of seconds, you holster your weapon and automatically run:

You'll never be as cool as him

This is similar to Super mario bros, on WiiU, and the holster idea comes from other games as well, such as Tomb Raider. This new speed will be useful to keep momentum and complete challenges. Yeah, we are taking into account hardcore players.

We also want to give a warm welcome to PXshadowHF who is going to help us to implement online and help us designing game mechanics related to multiplayer, because he plays SCA, and plays very well. <3

Well, and I guess this is it. Next post hopefully will be about the scenes we are implementing. Hopefully gifs of these scenes. Yes.

Thanks, bye!

PS: You could check some multiplayer action here!

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