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Learn a bit about the development of Hoplite and get an exclusive update on how far version 1.01 really is.

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While the last few versions were nothing more than bug-fixes and small updates, 1.01 will be a huge step forward, even though the number difference is not. Featuring new characters, aesthetically revamped maps, and a whole new quest story-line after the battle, this game is really getting the works. If you don't believe me, check out this shot of the new main menu featuring a revamped background and new fonts:


The new quest after the final battle is great; the hero must travel to locate THREE Ancient relics from Greek Mythology to realize his ultimate purpose- and help his city-state achieve a spot in the records of history. Slowly the game is turning from a war game to something closer to a constrained RPG, and once 1.01 is out, I will probably begin work on expanding the game or making a sequel.

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