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What is necessary for life? The answer is "DOOM" and "Cute Girlfriends".

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**Developer Diary**

I said in the past, "I will add three new girls,"

it is a LIE.

Youtubesamuneey RM

As a matter of fact, I am planning to add more & more characters.

There has never appeared in "history of DOOM MOD",

A completely new DOOMGUY's Friends will appear in CALL OF DOOM !

haikeiyoutubelist01 RM

"EY" is a remaster of the CALL OF DOOM's first companion "Black Hooded Girl".

She became more pretty and the "big tits" was added.

Her parents were killed and eaten by monsters.
After burning with revenge, she fights against monsters using the father's AK-47.
Waiting for you and her is an endless revenge adventures...

The next update, it is under construction now.

The information of the other new girlfriends will also be released someday.



+ "CALL OF DOOM v 0.85" can be playable with "Brutal DOOM v 20b" or "Project Brutality 2.03 / 3.0 test"!!

BRUTAL DOOM v20b R(GZDOOM 3.0.0 ver)
Project Brutality 2.03
Project Brutality 3.0 test

+ 3 NEW weapons added !


+ Sten Mk.II
This is a souvenir celebrating that Call of Duty has returned to WW 2.
It is a good SMG for shooting a shower bullet on the enemy.

+ M3A1 Grease Gun
Fire Rate is LOW but One Shot Power is HIGH performance.

+ M1993 L.O.T.
It is a very rare secret weapon."LIKE OLD TIME"

+ 4 NEW CLASS added !


+Guns that were too strong for Ver 0.8 return to proper firepower at Ver 0.85
I adjusted "stronger than BRUTAL DOOM" to "as strong as BRUTAL DOOM."

+ For each weapon slot, you can only have one weapon.
Depending on the situation, you need to choose the weapon to pick up.

+ Can attack enemies with the action of dropping weapons.
When you drop a weapon, it will automatically switch to Pistol.
If you are attacked by an enemy while you are reloading, throwing a weapon to an enemy may give you the opportunity to fight back.

+"Powerful Recoil Guns" became Gentle Recoil Guns.

+ Armor revival.

+ M16A4 became 3-Burst-fire

+ US.M9 and USS.41 pistol can able to switch One-hand / Dual.



keep up the good work :D

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I like the remaster, she looks better than ever.

I've been playing this mod nonstop in the last couple weeks. Its so much fun!

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Doom and waifus, try and name a better duo. Go ahead and stop right there: you can't.

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Keep up the harem work my dude!

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Currently, companions' health is fully replenished whenever you give them a follow/hold order. That feels rather cheap because you could keep them at full health indefinitely that way. Can that be changed in a future version, maybe replenish their health only in between levels or by using medkits?

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Arrowood Author

Thank you for opinion.

I thought about that idea in the past, but it just makes it difficult to manage items, it's not that funny.
It may be interesting to think "Should I use my own Medikit or should I give it to my friends ?", However, This system will increase the situation that your companion will be your heavy luggage.

There are currently no plans to introduce that system. sorry.

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So... will the companions be available from the get-go or if you rescue them?

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how do I download it? TTnTT

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