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Unless your name is Leonardo da Vinci and you've been born in the 15th century, you'll have to carefully pick and choose what you're skilled in.

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A question was asked recently, about whether combat skills would play a part in our RP server, and well, I've been busy, so a thousand apologies for the fact that I couldn't answer it all week, however, I thought this would be enough:

That's right, we do have a skill system, and soon, we will have a thread where players can discuss if we want different members of our server to have different combat skills based on their activity/dedication/RP on the server, and discuss what mechanisms we can utilize so that a player can raise his attributes. We do have the four attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Charisma, and Agility.

Besides those, we have skills that already serve a practical use in our crafting system, and soon, in item/prop interaction (stay tuned for Dev Diary 6!):

In addition to item requirements for crafting (like swords requiring iron/steel bars or hammers requiring wood), some items currently do require certain skills, or you won't be able to craft them, take in point, for example, the sledgehammer. For testing purposes, I gave the sledgehammer a cheap crafting recipe, but I gave it a skill req.

We do have the required amount of wood, so that should be valid.

But oh noes! Our crafting skill is too low (it's zero, in fact)! Let's try raising it. Keep in mind, however, in our server only admins will be able to raise important skills like crafting. Skills like woodcutting and mining the player might have some degree of control over.

So when we try again, our sledgehammer finally crafts, taking away the required wood:

Remember, Developer Diary #6 will speak more on skills and how the player will be able to interact with them!

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