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A first look at the upcoming gamemode and a few thoughts on overhauling the existing one.

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The new gamemode is starting to take shape. I've finally reached a point where i can test it ingame, so it should be coming relatively soon. I might even update the demo later on to include a taste of the new stuff.

The next version of the level editor has been fitted with the ability to set variables for rooms, maps, entities and spawn groups. This will allow for some really fancy customization to take place in your user created levels. For example, you could specify the starting health of enemies that appear through the spawner objects introduced by the new gamemode. You could also place spawners for the player's team, making the map act similar to something like DOTA, with both teams pushing waves of minions.

The overarching goal for the new gamemode will be twofold:
- Kill all of the base cores of the enemy team
OR, if the enemy team has no cores to begin with:
- Survive until the last wave and kill all remaining enemies that spawn in.

Since it's not compatible with randomly generated levels (at this time anyway), the new update will arrive with a set of official maps for it. Here's a quick look at the first test map I've set up, as well as a demonstration of "what happens if you place coins on every empty tile". It's partly what makes developing a game so satisfying for me. :)

Preview of new gamemode, Preview of new gamemode, Preview of new gamemode,

The campaign gamemode is going to receive an overhaul. I've started feeling like the way it currently works is not fun enough, at least not enough to warrant more than a few sessions in the game's lifespan. Thus came my decision to enhance it with the new currency and upgrade mechanics.

The basic goal will remain the same - you'll still be going through a set of randomly generated levels and eventually fight a boss, while capturing some rooms on the way, but I'll be streamlining the mechanics to be hopefully less confusing, and build up difficulty through progression.
One of the big ideas behind all this will be a "city level" the player starts in for every session, where it'll be possible to spend money earned in the previous session. I'll try to come up with lots of more enemies and weapon types (plus upgrades).

Check out the game's Desura profile if you haven't already:
System Recovery

As always, your opinions and ideas are welcome.

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