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The first diary in the ongoing creation of Kick-It, making babies a lil' less ugly every day.

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[This article first appeared on Indie Superstar in December 2010.]

A few weeks have passed since Dejobaan let loose its wildly infectious, beat-bouncing KICK IT! alpha. In this game, Dejobaan has humbly asked its fans and newcomers to release their rhapsodic rhythm akin to a wretched bi-product of an otherwise memorable prom night, or reworded, to "Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby!" For those that wish the game actually involved fetal flinging or anything else absurdly arousing of watchdog groups, this is the place to vent your concerns.

But before you tell Dejobaan what you think belongs in KICK IT!'s game mechanics or that KICK IT! needs more tofu, see if it's not already covered here. If you haven't played the game, pre-order it and play it now. You will be placed on an email list and will receive all updates for free. It's like that new wave DLC concept everyone's ab-using, without double-dipping in your bank account.

In this first installment, we explore the Oregon Trail that Ichiro Lambe has already blazed since releasing the alpha with respect to gameplay. If you grow concerned that Ichiro is not talking about the music at all, that's simply a marketing strategy to get you to come back for the next post. And you know you will!

What are your thoughts about a game mode for running into things (the antithesis of the current gameplay)?

Ichiro Lambe, Dejobaan Games: Ah, like Pinball Mode, right? Yes; if I'm able to work that in, I'd like to toss it at the players and see what they think. An early problem is that if you run into things, you can't really see past them -- I'll probably just make the player's hitbox bigger to compensate.

How can you convey or emphasize the depth of the shooting mechanic in your next trailer?

Ichiro: I've heard it say that shooting is the game's weakest element right now, and I'm inclined to agree. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to try mucking with that. Can I tune it to a more arcade-like experience, then combine it with music triggers?

The current KICK IT! trailer, with its +5 seizure-inducing insanity

Many forum users request a progression bar. Will we see it?

Ichiro: Sure, why not?


Ichiro: I can't tell you yet! We'd be in violation of NDA.

Why is it a big deal someone made a mod already?

Ichiro: I gotta say that forum member RoadCrewWorker's (RCW) work in modding what's essentially an UNMODDABLE GAME is pretty remarkable. He's created patterns that I've never even conceived of. Can I keep up with him? I MEAN, HAVE YOU SEE THIS?

That first script is like silver surfing through a cyber bamboo forest of bass.

What kind of things are possible at this point and what might we seen in a future Kick-It build?

Ichiro: I'm not even sure anymore! I didn't think you could do half that stuff. I mean, he made the freakin' game look like a completely different one!!!

Tell us about some changes the fans have suggested in forums and what things have already been implemented in a future release.

Ichiro: It'll start small, since I'm spending much of my time answering a slew of support questions via e-mail right now. I added the ability to change your character's gender, since forum user Lady-Succubus has been so cool. And I added the ability to replay a level, to make RCW's modding work easier. But he found a workaround. So... whoa. What I'm working on tomorrow is that enemy thing. Can I make the game fun to shoot at?

The next edition will focus on all things related to the music in the game, including a FIRST-LOOK at lyrics drafted for a brand new song for KICK IT! Meanwhile, tell us what you think about the current gameplay and the proposed changes. What other changes do you think will make KICK IT! the game you will want to play forevers?

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