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Summary of a week which saw the changing of the game's setting, some more 'stuff' added and, importantly, more player configurable 'things'

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Hi all.

So, biggest change this week: This is no longer a Star Wars themed game.

After consulting those knowledgeable in the area of Intellectual Property, I decided that it's better to play it safe now than risk a nasty surprise later on.

Making the change now was pain-free, requiring only the renaming of the Planet and Location objects I had so far.

This is actually a good thing, as it allows me a bit more freedom with things like Planet and Location names, as well as definitions of in-game Organisations and Manufacturers.

After that, I added the framework for Spacecraft; They all are built around a set of attributes such as 'speed', 'armour' and 'cargo capacity' and they can have either 1,2,3 or 4 weapons.

Oh yeah, I also added the framework for Weapon and Cargo objects.

Weapon objects have attributes such as 'Type', 'Range', 'Damage' and 'Fire Rate' and Cargo objects are built on attributes of, among other things, their 'Mass', their 'Legality', 'Worth' and how likely it is that, with a particular Cargo, you'll run into a Customs inspection vessel......or worse.

I've also begin creating a 'GameConstants' XMl file - a WIP shot of which serves as the image for this news item; In this file will be a whole variety of user modifiable 'things' that fall under the 'Misc' category.

And, after further exploring some GUI concepts as a part of my studies, I'm thinking of doing one for this game.

It's not going to turn into anything fancy mind you, just simple things like being able to click buttons instead of typing commands.

So yeah....TL;DR: No Star Wars, haz ships/cargo/weapons/, might get buttons.

Until next week time,

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