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Communicating in the land of Herrafell - how to scream, shout and let it all out.

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Hey all!

Lately, I've figured that doing a dev diary and letting you see the progress we've made is not such a bad idea after all, so allow me to bring forth a concept I wish to show:

Communication. It was vital in past roleplay servers on Warband and will always be. The standard form that most of our players are used to entails the following: a roll option (for determining chance), a /me command for describing actions committed by a character, the local chat, and the shout and whisper chats. All of this I will show you:

The first is the roll option, in this we have a little box that shows up when you press P, and you can choose any value from 0 to 100, and it will show you a result, as can be observed:

As you can see, in this instance we picked 56 as our value, though I am sure the players will use 100 most of the time, it was standard on WRP.

There you are!

This brings us to our next option, which is the /me button, and that would be the M key. Once you press, a chat box will pop up, and all you'll need to do is type in the action, there's no need to even add /me to it.

So, all I typed in was "sits back in his sofa, exhaling deeply", and the module did the work for me, displaying my name and sending it as a string to the server.

Now we face the three interesting chats that will move roleplay, and they each have different ranges. I should also add that the /me and rolls function with "sound ranges" as well, they can only be seen if you are within 15-20 meters of the person rolling or using the /me chat. The whisper chat requires you to stand 1-2m away from someone to actually see their message. The key for this is K.

The shout chat projects itself within 35 meters, so be ready to use it if you're attempting to make sales on our server or really wish to be heard! The shout key would be J.

The standard local chat projects itself in a radius of 15-20 meters, and will be used more often than the other chats, it's pretty much the bread and butter of our server. The key picked for the local chat is U.

And as a bonus, I shall show you the admin chat that we have, only admins can access it, obviously, and it projects all across the server.

And that is it for today folks! Thanks for the attention!

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