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may 2017 mod progress for Fall of Mars / total conversion

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Guys, sorry for the delays during april and may.

I've finally moved into new home with all things necessary to continue on the mod. I still work on the animations and sounds (because there is no batch conversion, I'm doing them piece by piece).

I want to thank for suggestion to RTheM, however the muzzle flash animation will be harder task to do than I thought. Definitely possible, but not in my scope (at this moment)

Food for thought: Classes and their diversity. At this moment, it's passive skills on character, active skills on equipment. Any idea is welcome.


Hmm, tactical cloak maybe?
I wanna ask something, how many classes are there?

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0x29A Author

as much as possible of course, hopefully bringing diversity and support for cooperative play.

I'll start with 1-2, and we'll see after that if there will be demand for another classes.

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You already have thoughts what classes will be there? i ask if there are classes from something like DOOM Rogue-like arsenal?

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Classes... best I can think of is Cabalist, Assault and Berserker. Cabalist would be the guy who uses demon magic and the like against the enemy, Assault would be focused on guns i.e. closer to vanilla classic doom and berserker is self-evident, a melee focused class.

This all could almost maybe fit into three distinct skill trees.

Berserker's tree I think would be mostly passive skills along the lines of the Barbarian. The requisite combat masteries would probably stay mostly intact (should add in fist and claw mastery) considering in the lore of Doom 2016 the Doom Slayer used a sword and shield to kill somekind of titan.

One of the definite active skills for a Berserker I think probably would be Engrage* and 'Rip & Tear!'** or something like that.

*: Briefly increases melee damage of the Berserker for a little while, has a small chance of panicking near by enemies. Higher levels could maybe grant additional stuff like increased speed, increased chance of panicking enemies and/or debuffing near by enemy defense.

Killing enemies while enraged could also maybe reset the timer on the skill and maybe give charges, allowing it to last longer without recasting. Also, definitely has to have a chance to gib enemies akin to corpse explosion but smaller.

**: Think of it as an Assassin esque finisher move that uses Enrage's charges to increase its damage. Should always gib the enemy on death. Maybe have a chance to panic enemies and heal the Berserker a little at higher levels?


Not sure what skills Cabalist and Assault should have, though Cabalist definitely should have Barbarian 'Find Potion' esque skill but for Gems (or Essence as I call them in an earlier idea) or something.

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Although, Active skills on items or the like could also be a neat thing. Maybe have the Gem equivalents give active skills when slotted into items with sockets, kind of like Path Of Exile, and with Jewel equivalents giving unique skills with multiple effects or the like.

Improving Active Skills would require to simply raise the quality of the Gem, and it should stack with multiple gems of the same kind.

Wait no, Runes! In the new doom game they modify the doomguy's abilities, would be pretty appropriate if they granted active skills in this mod. And runewords could also be used to grant extra skills.

Gems and jewels then could act as modifiers to the active skills, in addition to whatever other effects they do.

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