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Some time before finalizing the DIY Java Server Pages open bookkeeping, balance tool, a preview insight into the rental contracts' finances is given.

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If you are interested in how an annual overview of charges of rent out flats has to look like or if you always wanted to know how much water, sewer, waste disposal, electricity costs in Southern Germany close to Castle Neuschwanstein then go have a read.
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The legal language of the rent out property is German, thus the annual overview of charges' balance also are PDFs in German language.

Open bookkeeping tool (Elster Online compatible)

The upcoming club developed Open Bookkeeping, Balance web tool will be in English language.

Some of the tool's features are:

* Parse HTML, PDF, ODT, DOCX, TEX, TXT, RDF files.
* Extract relevant information from input, output bills, receipts, orders, ...
* Calculate a balance.
* Try to be Elster compatible.
* Automate as much as possible.

Special features for the future may be:
* Parse a scanned image of a bill. (image to text)
* Speech input using an amazing open source framework that also runs on worlddevelopment machines.

0 B.C. capability system debugging

There is also some progress made debugging the huge capability system update. With the capability system come:
* capabilities
* professions
* skills
* distributed AI
* entity interaction (autonomy)
* Generals commanding groups.

When this can be finished, we will also have the ground laid out for time travel, day night, weather & seasons. Can't await it! :-)

Stay tuned.

J.R.I. Frühholz
worlddevelopment club

radagastearendil Author

Finally there was succeess in compiling and launching the time machine again. This is big news after all the million changes made at different parts which had put the engine into a broken state for nearly 2 years now. Whew. There we go.

Current estimates forsee that entity goals make it into the capability system too.

Hybrid AI groups (called 'commands' in the past) also seem to make it.

The big unknown is still how quick we can succeed in debugging the capability system which also includes a user interface rework.

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radagastearendil Author

It was managed to increase the level of realism:

* Entities now personalize actions.
* Not only on a per civilization base, e.g. a Roman baker did create that cake differently than a Greek or Celt.
* Knowledge is contained within entities initially.
* Scholars et al. then transfer the knowledge.
* Entities create recipe variations and those successful can make it upstream.

Pretty fancy model of how the real world works. The design and especially implementation was mind twisting.

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radagastearendil Author

Voice control of entities (something worlddevelopment also utilizes for its machines) will not make it into the capability system for now to reduce complexity.

* Entities now can convert their plans to real orders.
* Plan entities like treasure maps are support, too.
* An entity can store a plan in sheets of paper, disks, CDs or other storage media.

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