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development is ceased. And questions of viral infections.

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I am not sure why I need to post this. We have not released anything in terms of news for over 2 years and not released an updated version of the mod in 5 years. However people still ask the question of can i help out or are there updates. Simple answer is that no, for the forseable future there are not going to be any effort invested in continuing this mod. sad but its the truth, the people behind this have had real life come up and bite them on the ass or moved on to other projects.

Now on the issue of this mod containing a virus. As far as i know Only AVG pings it as such. This started occurring sometime around 2010 or 2011. I believe the reason for this is the replacing of the executable the rockpatch installer does. However when i was actively developing and playing the project I noticed no ill effects. this is likely a problem caused by the rock patch developer at the time. As it stands our official position is false positive.

Have a good day gentlemen.

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