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Hello everyone. In this develdata I want to share with you the current state of the project.

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Hello everyone.

In this develdata I want to share with you the current state of the project.

Finally I will distribute the invitations for the private beta when the development is closer to the publication on Steam. I want your first experience with Grey Hack, even in the private beta, to be interesting and satisfying.

I am currently developing key elements of the project, such as persistence of data and missions.

The persistence of data, allows in real time that changes suffered by any computer, npc, mission, etc are stored in a database.
This allows the player to re-enter the game and connect to the same server where he was playing the last time, finding his computer as it left, among other things.

Currently the persistence of data of the players is implemented completely. But the most complicated is the persistence of the rest of the world. It is a slow but not too complex task.

In the version of the game that initially intended to launch invitations for the private beta this would not have been a problem if the server did not shut down. The missions and other mechanics work normally but without persistence, if for some reason the server had to be restarted (and in full development often happens), players would encounter broken quests and ip addresses that no longer exist. The test would have been confusing for both the player and me.

Another point I'm putting special interest on is the missions that are generated in the game. They will not always be the key to progressing in the game, especially for advanced players. But in the first moments will be important and will serve to make the player familiar with the mechanics of the game.

The system of missions is dynamic, and will be generated in function of what happens in the world. This is proving to be a little more difficult than expected and I'm having some problems with missions that have dead ends and their detection.

Having said that, although it's a bit difficult to detect, I am discovering the problems that cause them and advancing in development.

Well, nothing else for now, see you soon!

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