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► Courier of the Crypts ◄ In the last few days I was working on the main menu for the first time next to some other stuff. I’ve always wanted to have a menu with great ambient where players can get immersed instantly. It was a tough call what to make for the first thing the player will see but after few sketches and mockups I came up with this idea.

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This is a first bare look at the main menu. Music will be different and more details and changes will be applied to it. Watch the video in fullscreen and HD if possible ;)

What will be added and changed:

  • Crow will be landing on the branch, doing some looking and shaking animations and flying away
  • Polishing fog and clouds in the distance (more smooth, some transforming etc.)
  • New music & ambient sounds
  • Adding more details to the foreground hill (the one with the tombstone)
  • More random details

To me, main menus are very important because it’s the first thing about the game you see. I see lots of games that have some static main menues while the game has potential to bring something great there instead. I like menus as a player and that’s why I’ll do my best to make it as awesome as possible ;)

Step-by-step GIF animation

I just toght you might be interested in how the main menu was done from basic color shapes to the version I have right now.

Do you like it so far? What would you change or add? Feel free to leave comment, be it critic or comment ok? :)

You can read this and more on my official dev blog as well.

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