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About a year ago Homebrew got greenlit on Steam. While a lot has changed since then, we're working on our biggest update yet and it's supposed to take Homebrew from pre-alpha to alpha.

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A couple of days ago a year had passed since Homebrew got greenlit on Steam. This year has been extremely exciting and the feedback that we gathered so far is crucial for the direction that Homebrew is heading in.

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Transition to alpha

We've been very active on the forums, talked to the community and made lists of things that you guys want to see in-game. While at first the upcoming update was supposed to focus mainly on the UI we discovered that with our new methods/tools allowed us to fix most of the bugs and make more optimized/futureproof systems at the same time.

Right now our team is doing an amazing job on the "bigger" update that will take Homebrew from a pre-alpha state to an alpha state. This means that a lot of changes are being made to almost every part of Homebrew, the changes include, but are not limited to: code, UI, level, assets, builder mechanics, player behavior, ...

A first glance on the update by sk116 (a.k.a. shawnkiller90)

sk116 recently made a three part video series to show some of the things that you can expect in the new update. He's been very supportive, helped us out with testing, gave us constructive criticism and we can't thank him enough for that.

If an image's worth a thousand words then these videos are worth a lot more. Therefore we advise you to check them out for more information about the basics of the new UI, browser, builder mechanics, new tools, basic player behavior, water, skybox, the new site and more.

Please keep in mind however that most of the things that you'll see are still under development and therefore subject to change.

Part 1

Main topics: basic UI, builder mechanic basics, some new tools, ...

Part 2

Main topics:environment (OMENS NEST, clouds, skybox, ...), basic player behavior, ...

Part 3

Main topics:new site, forums, profiles (social), chatbox, steam linking, ...

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