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Our weekly habit of devblogging continues with Juha, our level design intern. See his story and take a dive into one of the minds that you will hold responsible for having created puzzledness in your life!

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Our latest devblog has Juha Tapaninen, the new intern of the company, opening up his story with a tragic tale of things past:

Juha wrote: Hello everyone, my name is Juha Tapaninen and as the title suggests, I happen to be doing my internship here at Polar Bunny Ltd. For many other Kajaani UAS game development students, the way to end up with an internship is a quite boring one (“you apply and get in”), but for me it wasn’t all that simple and painless. For a long while, I was amongst those few people from our school that were without an internship. I had sent countless emails in hopes of finding a place to take me in, but my efforts were mostly in vain. Either the places offered were really sucky, offered me a tasks I didn’t want to do or the tasks didn’t match my studies (basically meaning I wouldn’t gain anything out of them, and given how thats the main goal of internship; you can see the dilemma). Needless to say, I was stressed out beyond words. But there was light at the end of the tunnel. Or the light had been there for a while, without me acknowledging it as a tunnel light.

It gets better, we promise! Juha delves into what it really takes to design a puzzle game level.

Here's the rest of the devblog on our site:

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