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This week I'm talking about the new manufactory building, radiation and flooding effects PLUS the new flood hazard!

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Hey everyone - it's been a while since my last update - but the good news is things are really starting to come along.

I finally figured out what to do with Building Radius Effects - these are area-effect bonuses that speard outwards from your power plants and wells. (I may add other effects to other buildings later..)

Basically, if a building is irradiated by a power plant (for example) then it does not require as much power to run. BUT it is also more likely to suffer a fire if it is not maintained by an engineer.

Further to this I also added the flood hazard. This will crop up if a water connection point is not properly maintained. Currently it will just shut off power to any power connections it touches but I'm hoping to drown some people later.. :)

Another BIG change is the "manufactory" building, prior to the world ending you are able to build your shelter at your leisure with infinite resources. But after armaggedon, everything you have needs to be produced underground!

Enter the Manufactory!

This building will generate materials, whice are required for construction. Engineers will now take materials from the manufactory to the nearest construction project. NB* They will only do this IF
* There is not something needing repaired
* There are no fire hazards nearby
* There are no flood hazards nearby

This new feature really makes you think about the paths your people take to get from point to point in your shelter. AND along with the bonues from Power Generators and Wells, it now pays to really think about the layoutof your shelter and how you are going to expand.

There has been ALOT of general bug squashing...
- fixed an issue where room connectors would not appear on the ends of corridors if the corridor was not yet finished construction
- fixed an issue where medium sized flooded rooms got the wrong sized sprite

- fixed an issue where
lift names would draw outside of the lift shaft
- reduced the volume of the building noise. It's still a bit annoying but not as much. (alpha!)
- fixed an issue where an inactive (switched off) water/power plug would still keep supplying other nodes
- fixed an issue where adding new lift doors to an EXISTING shaft, BEFORE the existing shaft was finished building, would cause a crash
- fixed an issue where adding additional lift doors cost $0
- fixed a major performance issue with lift node pathing

.. and there is still so many features to add!

Birth Control!
Crime and Punishment!
Casinos, Markets and Bars!
Cinemas and Churches!
... argggh - *head explodes*

Speak to you all again soon!



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looks great

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Xylker - - 49 comments

Can't wait :)

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