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Polar Bunny Ltd.'s marketing manager Tomi Toikka blabs on about indie game marketing, the game and the company in the new devblog #5!

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In the latest devblog, we've got some marketing mumbojumbo to shift through! Here's Toikka opening up the devblog:

Tomi wrote: Hello guys! My name is Tomi Toikka, and I am the acting Marketing Manager of Polar Bunny Ltd. My duties consist of making marketing materials, handling press relations, social media and the upkeep of the company websites while the game development team focuses on making a great game for everybody. I’m not like one of the infamous boring ‘suits’ that hate fun and love analytics, statistics and marketing data. I’m more of the “making lovable content for the community and informing you of the game” kind of guy. So don’t be scared – let’s dive right in, this might be fun.

Check out the full devblog here:

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