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The work that I have produced for this game over the previous week.

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Implemented more icons into the game to complete the armour sets that the player can drag and drop into the inventory for the current playthrough. Also this week, we had to create a powerpoint for our game to present to our class, this was not very well organised and I know many people did not pay attention to it. Including 1 person who wasn't there for the presentation. And another didn't know we had a presentation. This probably is a communication problem but we have posted in our slack channel before and they have not responded in time or at all. This leads to problems with handing things in on time or making sure people do their work.

I also this week did some texturing for the doorway in our game because it needed to be textured. A photo will be posted here.

Overall I think team communication needs to be number 1 because right now it isn't and I think that it is the reason that we have had to cut scope because team mates have not been in contact where they are or not come to class. Here are some photos of what I have achieved this week.





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