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An almost weekly update of what's going. How was our week, update on Indiegogo campaign and a new trailer.

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What’s up guys, we are trying to stay true and faithful to our promise of keeping you guys updated, so here goes nothing.

We have started planning our Indiegogo campaign somewhat more thoroughly and we have got some pretty cool perks coming along. Before the campaign we’ll be releasing our new trailer and possibly some new gameplay. If there’s one phrase to sum up this past week from our developers point of view it’s been “I have no Idea why it’s not working, these errors don’t make any sense”. Nevertheless, we are making steady progress. Most of us are still working from our apartments, as we do not have the necessary software in our office yet. When we do get the software, things should be a little easier since we would have both a common space for our team to work in and simply faster PCs than what we are currently working with.

And again, some new screenshots :)

Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day.

Neglected doing dishes for long enough, now I am saving in electricity bills. Hopefully it won't become sentient.

Is that... A train?

3 phones no booth.


Sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment when i was messing with my reply.
The game is going to be very long, even 12hours or more gameplay.

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Great news. People always say they prefer "short but sweet" rather than "long but boring"... well I say, give me long AND sweet! Why compromise? :)

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