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After a year and a half of development, we finally launched HYPERNOVA on Steam. Check it out!

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HYPERNOVA: Escape from Hadea launch week is almost over. The release was quite successful, without any large problems or catastrophic issues. We are following the discussions on Steam and trying to improve the gameplay as quickly as possible. The first update (ver 1.1) was released on Friday, containing some bug fixes and improvements requested by the community. Here is the changelog:


  • New options to rebind camera movement keys (Main menu).
  • Additional bindable keys (Insert, Del, Home, End, PgUp, PgDown).
  • Slightly increased max zoom out (first update).


  • Upgraded Vigilant (radar) capable of showing/discover three basic resources, even when covered in fog.
  • Automatic influence panel toggle - in relocation mode (on/off option).
  • Less population required for the first energy upgrade.
  • Added mission goals info even if the player doesn't start with the tutorial.
  • Some tutorial improvements.
  • More starting resources.


  • A rare but possible glitch using the printer (Mothership, Armory, Printer).
  • Added a missing tooltip.
  • Side panel with warnings wouldn't open in time under specific conditions.


  • Landing sequence visual improvements.
  • Depleted resources will be a bit darker - easier to see that they are depleted.


  • Half sync option in the advanced video options (Main menu).
  • Localization fixes.

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A nice screenshot for your eyes...

We are proud of the fact that so far, only one non-gameplay blocking bug has been found by the community. Of course, we still have to do some balancing and improvements. But so far everything goes well.

We also made a new gameplay action video that was added to our YouTube channel on the day of release.


(NOTE: today is the last day to get the SPECIAL PROMOTION price).

That's it for now, cheers!

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