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Finally fixed a horrible bug, added the market and finished many new 3d assets.

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Devblog 33


The last two weeks have been quite a rollercoaster. Many of our testers experienced a very random bug that caused lags and disconnects. We weren´t able to reproduce it.

Julian has managed to run the Unity profiler on of our servers while the testers were playing. This helped us to identify and eventually fix the issue. Hopefully once and for all.

Besides that we´ve done a lot of networking and server performance improvements.

Julian has also implemented the market. You can finally spend your credits or sell your stuff ingame!


Did I mention that the desert isn´t empty anymore?

PantropyClient 2017 11 29 14 47


Tyson was busy working on the NPC faction buildings. All parts will have a specific purpose and it will have an effect when the player manages to destruct them.

pantropy concept drone productio

pantropy concept generators

The enemies need power too! Destroy their power supply to shut down shields!

pantropy concept orerefinery

pantropy concept shieldgenerator

The NPC faction will get a shield generator too!

pantropy concept walkerproductio

He has also started working on the Pantronite reactor and centrifuge.

pantropy concept pantronite

Pantronite is the most precious material in Pantropy. You´ll need it for all kind of highlevel stuff.

The power plant is getting an additional entrance!

powerplant access

3d Assets

Alexey finished the big VTOL. It´s a multi-crew aircraft and is equipped with 3 turrets. Players can craft and equip the same weapons to it which they already know from the T2 mech.

pantropy vtol2

Alexander is working on the small VTOL. We really can´t wait to get this into the game.

He has just finished 2 additional T2 weapons. The railgun and twin-laser lance.

T2 railgun

T2 laser lance

Osman and Anjar have started working on the NPC faction base buildings. The base core and a barricade are already done. We´re still experimenting with some rough shapes of the other building parts.

enemy basecore

pantropy enemy barricade

Dmitry is working on the bigger geode and has finished lods for the small one.

He also managed to finalize the T3 and siege mech wrecks.

PantropyClient 2017 12 18 10 46


Artem has done some decent progress on the second power plant.

pantropy powerplant2

You´ll be able to capture the power plant for your faction!

He also finished the faction defense turret.

pantropy defense turret

Don´t get too close to the enemy player faction!

I am still working on the map and have added all the LODs to the base equipment parts.

PantropyClient 2017 11 29 14 34

pantropy lods2

It took me quite some time to setup all the lods. But this will give us another performance boost!

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