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Progress in recent weeks. Not much, but enough to justify the time spent.

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Traffic & Elevators

One would think that coding and animating a simple elevator running between 2 hotel floors is a simple task... after 2 days of hard labor, I think otherwise. Bugs crawled out of the woodwork left and right. Animations, physics, player controls, pretty much everything that could went wrong inside the elevator. I had constant flashbacks to the minecraft days... 5 years ago I also tried to make an elevator for a hotel, with nothing but redstone. In the end, the bugs were exterminated, sometimes using barbaric methods. Still, there are some minor issues left for the future to solve... mostly ascetic.

Meanwhile, basic Pedestrian and Cars were added to the world. I'd say this is the bigger news but I don't want to talk too much about them. Their AI is not particularly smart for now, they usually manage to get around and keep me company in the long hours spent testing new code.

The Update

We moved the project to a new version, from 4.17 to 4.19. The main reason was that 4.18 has added quite a few improvements to lighting which slightly improved the performance and look of our game.

Future Plans

Our next objective on the coding front is to refine player controls by adding weapons and aiming, shooting, jumping, crouching and so on. Meanwhile, our artists are working hard on producing new props and environment assets with which to build the world of New Amsterdam.

Will report back next week with another devblog.

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