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Carving a path! The beginning of the Castellum DevBlog.

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Hi everyone,

i've been keeping a regular blog of activity on tigsource and the gamemaker forums but hey, we are six months into development of Castellum, and it's probably time to do something a bit more formal!

I am the developer, artist and designer of Castellum, a game about building and surviving in a bunker after nuclear armageddon has destroyed the earth.

There is so much I have planned for Castellum, but for now it is a side-on building and management sim. Your people will be born, take jobs, and die in your shelter. You need to provide food, water, healthcare, security and recreation for them - or ace the consequences.

Some interesting mechanics, the effects of buildings on each other - some buildings soak or irradiate the soil nearby, which has positive or negative effects on other nearby buildings.

Your people will be influenced by their environment, too little food and you get cannibals. Too many churches and you get theocracy, too many security cameras and guards and you get a brutal junta regime! I expect this system to be quite flexible so that players can choose what civ they want to build (morloks anyone? :P)

Sneak peak below of the vandal!

The graffiti has an effect on overall morale and will be regarded as a minor crime for the purposes of civics (civic policies coming soon!).

First look at the vandal in game below

Pretty cool eh?

Maybe I should have some vandals smoking? Everyone knows bad guys smoke right? ..right? Smiley

Looking forward to posting a larger update in a few days, after I've hooked up the morale system to the chances of your people changing into vandals.


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