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Hi everyone, We've been hard at work with the release of Unity 5 implementing new lighting features / light map baking and overall gameplay and level polish. We are working to releasing a new trailer coming shortly. But in the meantime we wanted to share some new gameplay images hot off the press!

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Here are a few images using new lighting / shading features found in Unity 5.

Assassin game play capture as he captures the enemy teams critters!

Mage vs Assassin Duel:

Ranger vs Assassin Duel:

Warrior vs Mage Duel:

Ranger vs Assasin Duel:

Some of the Critters from Critter Capture Game Mode:

Runewood Desert Screenshot:

Inside the Runewood Castle Screenshot:

Inside the Spawn Gates of Runewood Castle!

We hope you enjoy the progress and updates we have to the game. If you would like to follow our development more closely you check out our social media outlets below, Thank you!


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