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We've been finalizing our website, implementing a new backend Wiki for our team members and finishing up level design misc objects for some areas of sub level 1 moving onto Sub level 2 polish.

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Team Update 3.12.2017

Few Team Vacancies

  • Particle effects artist
  • Animators
  • Prop modelers/Environmental modeling

Since we're royalty we're totally open to work with your schedule and the time you can contribute. If your interested send your reel or portfolio here(we have a very mixed bag from people in the industry to hobbyist level) we'll setup an interview with one of our divisional leads if you meet the bar and get you started. So after reading if your interested check us out! :D If we're not looking for a position you do but think you would be a good fit on the team whether it be PR or Audio related or just anything hit us up lets see what you got! Now read below and see what our talented team has been up to lately! There is a lot more to post coming up in the following weeks

Email Contact:


Our Website is currently undergoing a Maintenance for our release latter this year as we push closer to that goal. Heres a few tidbits from that mess! Im currently heading up that project as with our Teams internal Wiki page for pipeline implementation and Documentation and porting over all our dozens of word docs on Google Drive over to this system.

Its certainly not final yet and we're still working on the tweaking it will be up in its final form in another month or so. But for the time being we'll be focusing all traffic to our Indiedb instead.

Custom Wiki

Ive also been working on a custom Hub besides our team discord for keeping on the same page for scripted sequences and converted our G DOC and O SO many Google Drive Docs to one page for everyone. The Leads agree this switch by-myself will help us coordinate better and be all on the same page no more losing bookmarks and links excuses! :D We have a pretty open team structure so im very excited to see how it turns out for the company and team in the long run using this software.

VR Missions:

Heres a few missions we're tweaking and adding to the VR about 2-3 dozen more are on the way in the next VR overhaul we're aiming for about sometime next month if we get the animators we need!.

Prop Modeling:

Rob Lawrence: hes been revising the old gun placeholders we have now and has been updating them and giving them that final polish look. Sexy Aint it? I for one cant wait to push out the next update to the VR we have tons planned that we hope will make our fans very happy!

Plus some updates from the other Prop Modelers

Level Design:

Joel: Hes been working on finalizing up that Motor Pool/Secured Loading Bay

Sean: Hes been helping Joel map some underground tunnels

Joshua: Hes been tidying up some side areas that still need adjustment plus their final lighting placed in and built. Yes those annoying square tiles we know about them


Hes been experimenting with lighting in a few seconds for After the attack stages nothing to final yet lighting takes a LONG TIME to find a balance and something that looks nice. To me its a bit too dark in some areas but getting there.


Maik : played around with some Cover ideas for Chapter two. We're going for B3 currently with some adjustments ~

Other Ways to Support our team

O and remember, buying the VR Missions helps keep our server infrastructure up helps us keep developing the game. It makes our lives as indie developers that much easier. If your not interested in the VR or already have it check out our Patreon by clicking the image below. Thanks for following us and we hope to have a solid release soon next year! Also we'll be looking for QA testers to test performance and gameplay! So watch Indiedb closely!


It sounded good until you said "released episodically", no thanks.

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Dark583 Author

Im really sorry to hear that, because we failed our kickstarter it just wasnt reasonable to release one massive game with everyone working for free basically so we adopted a strategy of breaking it into 2-3 hour pieces and hammering out greater quality. The total amount of chapters are 4 currently i hope in the future youll try out the first part and give it a try or just wait till they are all released and pick them up then

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Don't be sorry, it's your game, you encountered an issue and have adapted so I think you've done the right thing, I just don't like episodic games as I feel like they allow a dev to charge more money for a complete game overall. So how much in total would I be paying for a game?

Good luck with the project.

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Dark583 Author

O well we certainly wont be doing that approach. We are going to sell each epsiode for an individual price simular to the hitman approach on steam. Valued based on play length/content but each epsiode wouldnt be more then $10.

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Hello Omega. Thank you for your concerns.

When we are choosing the price for our episodes, we will be determining the over all worth of the game as if it was not episodic, then split that cost into 4 parts. This way people won't be paying more than the over all game is worth all together.

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I made an account just to comment.

I have known about your game for a while, but I personally don't really like the concept of early access games. I do however really like stealth games. Based on my browsing of the Steam catalog today I once again found your game and saw you are going to release it via episodes.

Because of that I have decided I want to support you by buying your current early access and Patreon and wanted to let you know I am looking forward to the episodes.

Keep up the good work and I wish you success with the game.

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