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As mentioned previously we're currently revamping the lighting for the different game states and ensuring performance is considered.

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Poster/Promo Art Teaser!!

I know i'll be putting one one my wall once its finalized! Anyone else? We're considering putting up a poster shop for all the tons of cool designs we have! Would anyone be interested in that sorta thing? Once they are polished up of course! ;) Which do you guys like more out of the two?

Animation Rig / Character Modeling

Andrew the new guy we brought on two weeks ago got to work quickly and hauled it to get us a working facial rig and simulation to cloth,breasts and hair. Its working quite decently below besides some skinning mishaps that will require adjustment but i cant wait to see the final version as we work close to completion. Its rather all coming together nicely! We tested it on Lauren Amber's sister since shes the closest to being done there really nothing else we're going to change on her. Amber is next we'll be starting her tonight! Hope to show some updated related her gameplay and new animation quality soon!

We'll be adjusting some skin weights over the next weeks on her to fix some simple deforming here and there

Give these Gif's a second to fully load and cache they play slowly initially

Cloth Simulation,Breast Simulation at its finest. still W.I.P

Falling Cycle Test

Facial Rig Progress:

Not we can finally get out there and recruit a gameplay animation team and another for cutscenes since we now have a very reliable rigger supporting the animation pipelines infrastructure. Cheers Andrew! P.S im terrible at animation all i made were weird poses xD


Jill Progress its getting there! ^)^

Prop Modeling

Dimity has been being a wizard like always working on converting some glass types to destructible assets and filling in some more vent variants and general modular pieces to the last needed sets. As always its in W.I.P so there are a few more passes before its ready for release. Just some high poly previews

Sam Simmons

Been working on some Misc decals and assets.

Rob Lawrence :

Made some new set pieces as you can see here for the level designers

Jake :

a shelf! =D?!

Level Design

Javonni has been working on some revamped VR levels and adding more. Here he is reworking some of the tutorials making smaller more concise ones.

Lighting Work by Jacob


Level Layout Adjustments done for the Armory. I know it was just only last weekend i showed you their drawing layouts but hes just that fast! Keep it up

Joel Knights

: Progress on the Vech Pool / Loading Bay. Its getting there but we've paired Sean and Joel to finish this section completely by next Sunday.


All of this pics look pretty cool. Nice work!At first i thought its a bit too clean,now i changed my opinion.

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Its all looking great!!
Much Love.

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Looks great.

WARNING: gross humor mode enabled!
But I wonder... Did someone jizzed on the floor?

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