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A huge update entailing what we've achieved this week. Steam Integration, new map additions, and a whole lot more!

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Hey peeps,

This week has been a very productive week for us as we've added numerous necessary systems to the game. We’ve completely redone numerous mechanics for the game: crafting mechanics, steam integration, fall damage works properly, metabolism, bleeding, building system has been redone, and so much more.

For Steam integration, we’ve got achievements complete, sending the steam name, and steam id to the server. We have also worked on the metabolism, fall damage, item equipping, and bleeding. So, now when you consume a can of beans it actually feeds you! For the people that have attended our previous playtest, this will be some amazing news. This week we have actually finished implementing our modular building system. It’s now optimized, works completely flawlessly, and doesn’t create the frame drop spikes it did before! Speaking of optimization, we've also redone and optimized our tornado and all our particle effects for our game to allow for a smoother and more immersive experience. We also added a flare for the supply drop and an in-game flare for lighting underwater and dark caves.

We’ve currently got doorways, walls, stairs, pillars, ceilings, foundations, walls and also all the door mechanics (including keys for locking and unlocking of doors). We've also redone the airdrop system so now it's completely randomized and appears only 2 times a day. Don't forget that our airdrops can be destroyed by natural disasters such as tornadoes and inclement weather - so watch out for that. And we've also added the in-game watch (the textures are still getting tweaked):

We have also gotten the sliding mechanics in. As of now we do not have the first person view of it as it still requires animations but we do have third person showcase. The way it works is pretty simple: if you stand still/walk and slides you will slide to a short distance and it will take a small amount of stamina, but if you run and slide you will slide to a farther distance but it will also take you more stamina.
(It's a temporary scene, please forgive us for the ugliness placeholder art).

The Pine Valley move to Unity 5 was awesome but there are still some bugs we have to iron out which we are all working really hard to fix. Currently we have to work in forward rendering which deny us some quality lighting aspects. A lot has been happening to the new level with new features and much more cool places to explore. The new level contains lots of caves to explore and one rather well hidden bunker somewhere on the map.

Here are some screenshots of the new Bunker fully Unity 5 ready.

Image 7

Image 6

Image 5

Image 4

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1

We will also show you what little this red light does at night time in the bunker.

Image 8 Night

Here is the new environment system updated to Unity 5.



Sunset with our new lens flare system: (which we plan to do a lot with in the future to come)


And now night time feels much more realistic (we're still working on the color grading for it):


Also we do plan to add and revamp most of the level to look even more fantastic but due to our issue with rendering paths we’re forced to limit our quality of lightning and rendering, but have no fear Speed Tree is here. We plan on using Speed Tree to redo our entire vegetation on the map with Speed Tree for the ultimate quality in rendering, visuals and allowing us to use all the rendering paths so we can give you the full quality of The Final Stand.

Here is a screenshot of a nice little waterfall :)


Thanks peeps for your continued support and keep your eyes peeled for this next week, as we’re going to be finishing a lot next week!

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