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The latest Project Smallbot: Light dev update will give light on the possible future playable built, the 3 levels that will be in it, as well as the future of Project Smallbot: Light’s dev updates.

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A new update has arrive!

Today, we’ll be discussing a possible future playable built here to play on IndieDB, the 3 levels that will be in it, as well as the future of Project Smallbot: Light’s dev updates.

Now let’s start things off things off with the current state of the levels!!!!

Well guys, I am happy to announce to all of you that all main game assets for level 1 are complete! Everything from foreground to background, to enemies, and obstacles, the level itself is now complete and will no longer require anymore changes. The other levels are doing well too with levels 2 and 3 being complete in foreground and background art, while level 4 is completed in only foreground. Levels 5, 6, and 7 on the other hand will be further worked on once level 4 is completed.

Surprisingly, I have never actually revealed the names for these levels. Ever since I have started devlogs not once have I actually talk about the levels using their given names. The same happened with the first Project Smallbot as well. I gave the levels in that game names, but I never revealed the names in game either.


Well it’s time to fix that! From this point on these are the official names for the following levels in Project Smallbot: Light

Level 1 —-> Frenzy Forest
Level 2 —-> Cave Tales
Level 3 —-> Open Field
Level 4 —-> Snow Bound

Not only will these names be found in the level select screen, but it will also be found in game as well when you start at the beginning.

And now time for the grand finale!!!!

Now with level 1 complete, with levels 2 and 3 soon to follow, I am proud to announce that a playable built will be coming soon around the end of 2017 to early 2018!!! The version of this game will feature the first 3 levels to playthrough as well as a gallery mode that will feature descriptions for the enemies and levels found in the game. The build will be updated as well, adding more levels later on with I finish them. I appreciate any feedback once the game is out so feel free to either express all your likes and dislikes about the current versions in the future. Just a heads up that music and sound effects might not be in the first couple builds of the game. I might use music from the first Project Smallbot as placeholder for the levels until I make actual music for the game, but for now I don’t promise anything.

Well this is strange? A new devlog without any screenshots? Wasn’t I just boasting about finishing all of Frenzy Forest’s art assets? Why am I not showing them off?

Well the last news for this update is that…

I’m introducing Project Smallbot: Light: Mini Updates!!!

Mini Updates aren’t like your usual updates. For starters, inspect them to come out more often than your usual Dev Updates. These updates will not have a number and instead will just list the date the mini update was released. The mini updates will be shorter, and will only focus on one topic, either just wanting to showoff new screenshots, enemies, art, etc. Expect a mini update sometime this week with another one following shortly after. If you want to keep up and never miss an update then follow this game page, or just follow me on Twitter, where I’ll update you whenever a mini update comes out. Don’t worry about the main Dev Updates, as they will still be made… just less frequently compared to mini updates.

So that about wraps it up!

Thank you all for reading through Dev Update #5, and I’ll see you guys next time in a mini update not to far from now!!!


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